Yaxley family
Family heritage
Blood status


Notable family members

Extant by two male members and through the female line of the Higgs family.

Related families

Yaxley is the surname of a pure-blood wizarding family. They are related to the Black family, and more distantly to the Crouch, Weasley, and Longbottom families. The Yaxley family originated in Scotland as Corban Yaxley speaks with a strong Scottish accent.


Like the Black family, the Yaxley family had a tradition of presenting the members of his family as paintings or portraits. In 15 Plumbers Street, fourth floor, all family members are present in pictures. Those who were renegades of the family had torn his paintings.

Renegade membersEdit

Family membersEdit


Yaxley is the name of two English villages, one in Cambridgeshire and one in Suffolk.

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