Sally Aubrey
Sally Aubrey
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c. 2004

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Reserved Seeker


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Caramel Brown

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Assistant Healer




Sally Aubrey (c. 2004) was a half-blood witch in Fred Weasley II's year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was sorted into Slytherin in the year 2015. Sally has a great passion for medicine and aspires to become a Healer. During her leisure time at Hogwarts she serves as an assistant Healer with Madame Pomfrey.


Early lifeEdit

Sally Aubrey was a demure girl who liked to be reading his medical books or stories in a corner without being interrupted. The girl knew anything about medicine witch, and risked some methods bundles. Sally was not selected for Slytherin because of his fascination with purity of blood or hate the Muggle-borns, but by his thirst for greatness. Her grandmother was Muggle-born, her grandfather Bertram Aubrey was a Slytherin and her father, Lepus Aubrey was sorted to Ravenclaw because insistently asked for the Sorting Hat. He was ashamed of Slytherin and feared it was frowned upon by her friends if she followed the path of the snake house. Since Sally just grateful to accepting good home. And it was well received by the Slytherins, though the girl would prefer to spend most of her time on studying medicine next to Madame Pomfrey.

Hogwarts yearsEdit

First yearEdit

Sally Aubrey began to study at Hogwarts in 2015 and was sorted into Slytherin, as Malissa Goyle, Hannah Higgs and Stewart Beetlebrick. Sally is also co-turam Fred Weasley II, Eduardus Jones and Brenda Warton, who must have some classes together with her.

Third yearEdit

"Want me to bring more Titan's Vitamin , Madam?"

—Sally as assistant Healer.

In her third year at Hogwarts, Sally had applied for the Seeker Tests for the Slytherin Quidditch team, however, even having used the "Seagood's Chase" to try to outwit Albus Potter, she had been involved in a "Ginevra's Sanction" made ​​by Albus, and so lost the place for him. Still, Sally was invited to be the reserve Seeker, but had played no games in the season. Sally was also in the hospital wing twice that Albus was sent there. After the first match, against Hufflepuff, and after the Battle at the Ambratorix' Grotto, when Albus had to recover.
Quidditch pitch

Sally during testing to the Slytherin players.

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