Ravenclaw team
Ravenclaw Quidditch Team
Quidditch Team information

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Rowena Ravenclaw


Hogwarts Quidditch Cup

  • Blue and bronze
Most Glorious Hour

Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

Slytherin Quidditch Team

Known Players

■ Chaser: Roger Davies (1993-1996)

■ Chaser:Jeremy Stretton (1993-1994)

■ Chaser:Randolph Burrow (1993-1994])

■ Chaser:Chambers (1995-1996)

■ Chaser: Amanda (1996-1998)

■ Chaser:Bradley (1995–1996)

■ Beater:Duncan Inglebee (1993-1994)

■ Beater:Jason Samuels (1993-1994)

■ Keeper: Grant Page (1993-1997)

■ Seeker:Cho Chang (1993-1997)

■ Chaser Samantha Davies

■ Chaser: Emily Jenkins

■ Keeper: Owen Khan (???-2020)

■ Seeker: Henrietta Pole (???-2023)

Behind the scenes
"Ravenclaw, make them sore!"
—Ravenclaw Quidditch Crowd.

The Ravenclaw Quidditch team is one of the four house Quidditch teams at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Annual fixturesEdit

1st Match: Gryffindor - Ravenclaw

Third/Fourth month of the year

2nd Match: Ravenclaw - Slytherin

Third/Fourth weekend of the year

3rd Match: Hufflepuff - Ravenclaw

Third/Fourth month of the year

2016-2017 school yearEdit

Since the beginning Ravenclaw was hailed as a champion of favorites, however its performance was not matched with the expectations. The team lost its first match against Gryffindor, the second won by a landslide against Slytherin, but lost the match against Hufflepuff, being the only home they had.

Members of Ravenclaw TeamEdit

Ravenclaw Team
Roger Davies (Captain) Jeremy Stretton Randolph Burrow
  Duncan Inglebee Jason Samuels  
Keeper Seeker
Grant Page Cho Chang
Ravenclaw Team
Bradley (Captain) Amanda Chambers
  Unknown Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Unknow Unknown
Ravenclaw Team
Unknown Emily Jenkins Unknown
  Unknown Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Owen Khan Henrietta Pole

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