M Rosier
Michael Evan Rosier
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c. 1977

Blood status


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Hair colour

Dark Brown

Skin colour


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Michael Evan Rosier was a wizard who attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and were part of their school's delegation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1994 for the Triwizard Tournament. They entered their names in the Goblet of Fire, and when Fleur Delacour was selected as the Beauxbatons Champion, he was frustrated. Michael was the only son of the Death Eater, Evan Rosier.


Early lifeEdit

Michael was born in Great Britain, but still young, shortly after the death of Evan, he and his mother moved to France, hoping to live a peaceful life with respect and without preconceptions to the last name Rosier.

Beauxbatons yearsEdit

Living in France, Michael attended Harvard and in 1994, in his last years as a student, he was with the delegation from his school to Hogwarts hoping to be The champion Harvard during the Triwizard Tournament. However, Michael was not selected by the Goblet of Fire which makes him very frustrated, especially because he lost to Fleur Dealcour. In Christmas that year he took courage and invited Christine Rondeau, a school friend, to be her date at the Yule Ball. To his surprise Christine accepted his request and, from that night, they became lovers.

Later lifeEdit

In 1998, Michael was married to Christine in France. They fought against retaliation and followers of Lord Voldemort. After the war Michael constituted a huge fortune and was a father to one child, a girl named Valerie. Then in 2017, he decided to return to Britain for his daughter to enjoy the fame of his name at Hogwarts.

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