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2 July, 2006

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Dark Blue

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Alder, phoenix feather




Livius Black (b. 2 July, 2006) was a half-blood wizard, Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Albus Potter's year and the only son of Julius Black, grandson of Claudius Black and great-grandson of Marius Black.


Education out HogwartsEdit

Early yearsEdit

Livius started his basic education in a muggle school, because nobody in his family was aware of his magic. His father and grandfather were considered semi-squib and did not have any contact with the wizarding world. When he was eleven years old Livius received the letter from Hogwarts and was visited by Prof. Neville Longbottom who told him about the magical world.
Toujours Pur

Livius is the sole heir of the Black family with magical abilities.

Education at HogwartsEdit

First yearEdit

In 2017 Livius began his studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His name aroused the curiosity of many students, even during the sor ting, when his name was called out gor the Sorting Hat where he was sorted into Ravenclaw, the home of the smart. Livius had an idea how his name was famous, but did not comprehend how famous.



Albus Potter: "What about the name: Black? I thought this name had been extinguished."
Livius: "Until last year I did not know my name was so famous. According to Professor Longbottom, my great-grandfather, Marius Black, was the son of wizards, but had not developed any magical power. My grandfather and my father knew how to do some magic tricks, but not enough to be accepted into school. It seems that only I had the capacity to be at Hogwarts ."
—Albus Potter and Livius in a History of Magic class.
Marius Black

Marius Black the squib, Livius' great-grandfather

Little is known about Livius' relationship with his family. It is known that his parents were very happy to know that he had received a letter from Hogwarts and he has a good relationship with his grandfather Claudius. They gave him a notebook to write his thoughts, so he does not need a lot of scrolls.

Albus PotterEdit

Livius is close to Albus Potter, one of his classmates, during their first year at Hogwarts, and the two remained best friends throughout their school years. He and Albus were friends since the first time they met in a class History of Magic, and since then have become good friends. And eventually Livius is invited to take part in a risky adventure of Albus, as well as out on the adventure with the Whomping Willow.


Livius considers Kevin Marsten and Joseph Goldstein, two of his roommates, best friends Ravenclaw (his best friend is Albus is). Livius is always seen alongside the other two Ravenclaw students in class and being the ambassador of Joseph and Kevin Livius in the wizarding world and Livius who helps them in jobs with spells, since he is very good with nonverbal spells.