Hufflepuff team
Hufflepuff Quidditch Team
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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Helga Hufflepuff


Hogwarts Quidditch Cup


Canary Yellow


Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Slytherin Quidditch Team

Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

Known Players

■ Beater: Maxine O'Flaherty (1993-1994)

■ Beater: Anthony Rickett (1993-1994)

■ Beater: Michael McManus (1993-1994)

■ Chaser: Malcolm Preece (1993-1994)

■ Chaser: Heidi Macavoy (1993-1994)

■ Chaser: Tamsin Applebee (1993-1994)

■ Beater: Angus (1996-2000)

■ Chaser: Fiera Templeton

■ Beater: Derek McLeod (???-2018)

■ Chaser: Jack McLeod (???-2018)

■ Beater: Daniel Fincher (???-2018)

■ Keeper: Summers

■ Seeker: Ethan Humberstone (???-2019)

Behind the scenes
"Hufflepuff, do your stuff!"
—Hufflepuff Quidditch Crowd

The Hufflepuff Quidditch Team is the Quidditch team of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's Hufflepuff House. They play in robes of canary yellow, their House colour. Three notable Hufflepuff Quidditch team members were Cedric Diggory (Seeker and Captain), Zacharias Smith (Chaser and Captain) and Ethan Humberstone (Seeker). The Mascot of Hufflepuff House and its Quidditch team is the Badger.

Annual FixturesEdit

1st Match: Hufflepuff - Slytherin

First/second month of the year

2nd Match: Gryffindor - Hufflepuff

Last weekend of the year

3rd Match: Hufflepuff - Ravenclaw

First/Second month of the year

2017-2018 school yearEdit

During the 2017-2018 season Hufflepuff did not have a good championship. Even playing well and having good players in the squad it had lost the first two games and managed only one victory against Ravenclaw in the last game, when Humberstone performed a Plumpton Pass.

Members of Hufflepuff TeamEdit

Hufflepuff Team
Malcolm Preece Heidi Macavoy Tamsin Applebee
  Maxine O'Flaherty Anthony Rickett  
Keeper Seeker
Herbert Fleet Cedric Diggory (Captain)

Beater: Michael McManus
Hufflepuff Team
Zacharias Smith (Captain) Unknown Cadwallader
  Angus Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Summers Summerby
Hufflepuff Team
Alderton Fiera Templeton Jack McLeod
  Daniel Fincher Derek McLeod  
Keeper Seeker
Summers (Captain) Ethan Humberstone

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