Eloise Midgen
Biographical information

2 June 1981

Blood status


Physical description




Hair colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • Mr. Midgen (father)
  • Mrs Midgen (mother)


  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Midgen family
  • Gryffindor

Eloise Midgen (b. 2 June 1980) was a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the 1990s.

Ron: "I'd rather go alone than with -- with Eloise Midgen, say."
Hermione: "Her acne's loads better lately -- and she's really nice!"
Ron: "Her nose is off-centre."
Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger discussing the Yule Ball.


Early life Edit

Eloise was born to pure-blood parents Mr. and Mrs. Midgen.

1994-1995 school yearEdit

In 1994, because she had bad acne, Eloise tried using a curse to get rid of her pimples, but ended up needing to have her nose reattached by Madam Poppy Pomfrey. The incident left her nose permanently off-centre, but her acne did start to clear, at least for a while. Hermione Granger assured Ron Weasley that Eloise was a very nice person when he balked at the idea of taking her to the Yule Ball. Ron only wanted a good-looking girl, and refused to consider going with her.

1995-1996 school yearEdit

The following year, Hermione warned that anyone who snitched after signing up for Dumbledore's Army would be struck with a jinx that would make Eloise's acne seem like "a couple of cute freckles".

1996-1997 school yearEdit

Eventually, Eloise left home and returned to Hogwarts until she discovered that it has changed. She came to learn that Hogwarts was under the control of the Dark Wizard Voldermort. Eloise was displeased since students were forced to practice dark magic. Eloise refused to learn dark magic, and was one of the students to receive punishment. She later fought in the Battle of Hogwarts where she defended the hallway against a number of creatures and Death Eaters. Eloise survived the battle, but was badly injured, and to be taken to the infirmary. Eloise's wounds healed very slowly, but she was fine afterwards.

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