Edgar Bones
Biographical information

Second half of 1981 (before 17 November)

Blood status




Physical description




Family information
Family members
  • Leonard Bones (father) †
  • Evanna Bones (mother) †
  • Amelia Bones (sister) †
  • Mildred Bones (wife) †
  • Julian Bones (son) †
  • Elizabeth Bones (daughter) †
  • Susan Bones (niece)

Hufflepuff (possibly)


Order of the Phoenix

"No one lived after he decided ter kill 'em, no one except you, an' he'd killed some of the best witches and wizards of the age - the McKinnons, the Bones, the Prewetts - you were only a baby an' you lived."
Rubeus Hagrid to Harry Potter.

Edgar Bones (d. 1981) was a wizard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bones and brother of Amelia and another man. During the First Wizarding War, he became a member of the Order of the Phoenix. He also married a Mildred Bones and had two children Julian and Elizabeth Bones. According to Alastor Moody, a fellow member of the Order, Edgar was a "great wizard." He was killed by Reinhard Lestrange before the end of the war, along with his family.


Early lifeEdit

Edgar was born into a wizarding family and had a sister, Amelia.He had a brother, as his niece Susan was neither a daughter of him nor of Amelia.

First Wizarding WarEdit

In the First Wizarding War, Edgar Bones became member of the Order of the Phoenix, an organisation led and founded by Albus Dumbledore, in order to oppose the Dark Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Edgar also married a woman and had more than one child with her. Edgar was also described as being a great wizard by Alastor Moody. Rubeus Hagrid also told Harry Potter that the Bones family was considered among the greatest wizards of all time. Edgar was slightly behind Sirius Black when the photo of the first Order of the Phoenix was taken.


Edgar was murdered, along with his wife and children, by Reinhard Lestrange sometime in the later half of 1981. His mother and father were also killed by Voldemort.