Bilius Weasley
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17 May, 1951


2 August, 1989 (age 38)

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Fred Weasley: "...before he went loopy he was the life and soul of the party. He used to down an entire bottle of Firewhiskey, then run on to the dance floor, hoist up his robes and start pulling bunches of flowers out of his –"
Hermione Granger: "Yes, he sounds a real charmer."
Fred Weasley on his uncle Bilius.

Bilius Weasley was a pure-blood wizard and a brother of Arthur Weasley and Elias Weasley. A lifelong bachelor, he was fun-loving and lively, but was prone to eccentric behaviour. He reportedly died twenty-four hours after seeing a Grim.


Bilius was a brother of Arthur Weasley and Elias Weasley and an uncle to the Arthur's seven children and Elias' two sons, as well as the namesake for the youngest son, Ronald Bilius Weasley .

Bilius never married and had no children. According to his nephews, Fred and George Weasley, he was always a joker, and was fun to have at weddings and parties. On more than one occasion, he was said to have consumed an entire bottle of Firewhiskey and then run to the dance floor, where he lifted his robes and began to pull bouquets of flowers out of an alarming part of his body. Bilius was said to have gone "loopy" towards the end of his life. According to his nephew Ron, he died twenty-four hours after having seen a Grim sometime in or prior to September 1993.

In 2018, Albus Potter, one of Bilius's great nephews, saw him through the Eye of the Worlds, where was described as being too similar to Arthur. But the tone of his red hair was darker, and he was not wearing glasses at all. However had a fairly long mustache. In that world, Bilius also revealed that during the wedding of his cousin Frank, after he and Alice danced, he took some flowers from a particular region of his body. But such action made ​​his aunt Augusta stayed very shocked and if it was not his uncle Otto she would faint. Callidora and Harfang pretended they did not know him. But uncle Algie laughed and stopped only when aunt Enid, threatened to break the marriage if he did not stop laughing and forced me to use the Counter Spell. Bilius, according to his brother Elias, who had also been the first idea for mobile levitation. He started with his bike, was flying Ottery St Catchpole wearing a red cape for anyone to discover. But it was downhill when a family of muggles saw him and the ministry seized the bicycle. After years Bilius and Elias perfected the Beetle of their father, after almost ready Arthur became interested in the car. And when he bought his Ford Anglia, with the added part of their technology.